Call for Papers

8th International Conference on Next Generation Computing and Communication Technologies 2018 (ICNGCCT 2018 ) is enthusiastic in addressing the theoretical and practical aspects of the next generation computing and communication technologies, thereby providing a forum for presenting the authors research findings to the interested like minded community in the following fields.


The organizing committee of ICNGCCT 2018 invites academicians, researchers, PhD candidates and practitioners worldwide to submit original unpublished manuscripts that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Cloud Computing

  • A1. High Performance Cloud Computing
  • A2. Cloud Economics and Business Model
  • A3. On-Demand Computing Models
  • A4. Service-Oriented Architecture
  • A5. Cloud Computing Architecture
  • A6. Cloud Storage, Data, and Analytics
  • A7. Data Centers & Virtualization
  • A8. GRID Computing
  • A9. Cloud Configuration Management
  • A10. Cloud Performance Management
  • A11. Cloud Capacity Management
  • A12. Green Mobile Cloud
  • A13. Cloud Migration
  • A14. Cloud Security
  • A15. Software & System Testing

Communication and Networking

  • B1. Wireless Radio Technologies
  • B2. Optical Communication
  • B3. Communication Hardware Evolution
  • B4. Mobile Backhaul Technologies
  • B5. Evolved Packet Core
  • B6. Machine-to-Machine Communication Networks
  • B7. VANET
  • B8. Routing Techniques for NGN
  • B9. Customer Experience in NGN
  • B10. Business Analytics
  • B11. Network Analytics
  • B12. OSS/BSS for NGN
  • B13. Network Applications & Services
  • B14. Satellite and space communications
  • B15. Technologies for E-communication
  • B16. Global Telecommunication Regulations

Next Gen Systems and Services

  • C1. Voice over LTE
  • C2. Software-defined Networking
  • C3. Self-Organizing Network
  • C4. IP Multimedia Communications
  • C5. Data Traffic Steering
  • C6. Content Delivery Networks
  • C7. Near Field Communication Services
  • C8. Big Data
  • C9. Small Cell Networks
  • C10. Smart Cities
  • C11. Mobile Shopping
  • C12. Service Delivery
  • C13. Smart Vehicular Communications
  • C14. Internet of Things
  • C15. Mobile Devices

Green Solution for Next Gen Networks (NGN)

  • D1. Green Power
  • D2. Power Devices and Driving Circuits
  • D3. Management & Control Techniques
  • D4. Smart Vehicles
  • D5. Policies and Strategies
  • D6. Artificial Intelligence based Solutions
  • D7. Smart Grid
  • D8. Decision Support System
  • D9. Fuel cells and hydrogen energy
  • D10. Energy Storage Techniques
  • D11. Energy Security
  • D12. Energy process and system simulation, modeling and optimization
  • D13. E- Health
  • D14. Intelligent Transportation System
  • D15. Social Responsibility