Student Paper Competition

In conjunction with ICNGCCT 2017 the Organizing Committee wanted to provide undergraduate and post graduate student's of UAE an opportunity to present their project work or research findings in a professional environment to get their work recognized. The Organizing Committee cordially invites your abstract submissions to the Student Paper Competition held in conjunction with ICNGCCT 2017 Conference.

Competition Grouping:

The competition is divided into two educational levels (Bachelors and Master Level) and further divided into areas of specialization(e.g. Engineering, Science & Management) as dictated by the abstract submissions. Each selected authors of the abstract will be provided an opportunity to present their work both in the form of oral and poster presentation.

The eligibility criteria and rules are as follows:

1.The registered student must be listed as the presenting author. As such, the presenting student must have also been the primary researcher on the project.
2.Only the abstract of the work needs to be submitted for the competition at zelusevents@gmail.com
3.The project must have been conducted while the student was enrolled at the level indicated in the competition. Thus, recent graduates can still participate. However, the work presented can only include that which was performed prior to graduation.
4.At least one co-author, generally the student’s research advisor, must be included in the author list. The advisor must also consent to the submission of the abstract for the competition and the student’s participation in the competition.
5.The work cannot have been previously published as a peer-reviewed publication prior to submission.
6.The same work cannot be submitted for consideration in any other session in the ICNGCCT 2017.
7.The presentation will be evaluated by a Technical Session Chair to judge the quality of the work.
8.Only Students from UAE colleges and Universities are eligible for this competition.
9. Student Identity card need to be produced at the time of registration to join in this competition.

Student can download the registration form from here, fill it with a black colour pen and send it across to zelusevents@gmail.com.

Questions about the Student Paper Competition may be submitted to the Student Paper Competition Chair at zelusevents@gmail.com